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Spain is more than bullfights, flamenco dancers, and crowded beaches. It’s a spectacular and diverse country—the north resembling the rolling, green hills of Ireland and the south providing a taste of Moroccan landscapes and architecture. Its tremendous history is reflected in its prehistoric cave paintings, Moorish palaces, crumbling castles, Roman ruins, Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals, as well as some distinctive modern architecture. Spain’s uniqueness is rooted in the separate kingdoms that made up the original Spanish nation. These regions remain diverse in their language, culture, cuisine, and art.



Excellent and quiet beaches can be found near Malaga, Huelva, and Almería in the south, and near the coasts of La Manga, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, and Euskadi. If you enjoy well-developed resort towns, there are plenty of crowded beaches on the Costa de la Luz and the Costa del Sol. Interesting is the harbour of Almerimar with cozy bars, just south of El Ejido (Almeria).


If you would rather get some fresh air, Spain is filled with opportunities to visit wildlife parks as well as trekking. The Pyrenees, especially around the Aragón area, are the best areas for trekking. Andalucía has its Sierra Nevada mountain chain with luxurious skiing resorts near Granada. Ski sports are possible from November up to May. Between Guadix and Baza (famous for its horsemarket) one can find cave-dwellings, cave hotels, and beautiful natural parks. North and between these towns still are unexplored desert sceneries, with hamlets not even found on maps! The highway infrastructure in this “wild” part of Andalucia is excellent.


Spain has hundreds of interesting cities. In addition to its vibrant capital, Madrid, here are 9 of the most popular destinations:

Barcelona is a lively cosmopolitan city that is capital of the Catalans, and famous for the architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

Bilbao was once an industrial city, and now is home to the Guggenheim Museum.

Cadiz is the oldest city in Western Europe, and celebrates a famous carnival.

Córdoba has the Grand Mosque (“Mezquita”) of Cordoba, one of the world’s finest buildings.

Granada is a stunning city in the south, surrounded by the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, home of La Alhambra.

San Sebastián is a wealthy city with a large sandy beach bay.

Santander is a well-styled city with beautiful coastal parks.

Seville is yet another beautiful, verdant city, and home to the world’s third largest cathedral.

Valencia is where paella was invented, and it also has a very nice beach.

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