Your English-to-French bottle was a big hit. —Robert D.

This is an excellent (genius) idea and could be the perfect solution to the language barrier. —Damon C.

One of my students brought a terrific Nalgene of yours that her mom got on a recent trip with the Governor! I love them. —Katie T.

Fantastic customer service. —Dana B.

I could’ve used this on my recent trip to Mexico! —Stacey G.

What a great and unique product! —Joann K.

We love our Spanish water bottles! —Mary G

HOW FUN! These bottles will be a great help. —Ginny B.

I think you've hit upon a fantastic idea for travelers! —Bobbie P.

I am sure my boyfriend is going to love it. —Joy S.

Great Product! —Kerri H.

We love the bottles. Thanks for a great product. —Michelle F.

We love the bottles! —Pam R.

They are just a wonderful thing —Ginny V.

Very ingenious & unique —Dave D.